imo free video calls and chat
imo is a global instant communication platform providing audio and video communication service, instant message function and public service function.
MAU 211.0 million
imo Product Features
High-quality and stable call experience
With advanced technology, imo provides stable calls even in an unstable or weak network area, ensuring everyone can be connected anywhere, anytime.
Free messaging
Free messaging your friends anytime, anywhere.
Sharing social updates in real-time
The story allows users to share moments with pictures, videos, and text.
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Our Business Value
Massive traffic and high loyalty users
imo has enormous traffic, high loyalty users, and a significant influence worldwide.
Users have excellent consumption potential
imo's users have tremendous consumption potential, which is valuable to brands.
Maximum in-app brand exposure
imo advertising resources surround the user’s browsing path in an all-round way so that the brand and user can build efficient communication.
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Grow your business on imo
  • Brand Takeover
  • Top Banner
  • Chat List & Audio Call
  • End Call
  • Story Stream
  • Story Feed
Brand Takeover
Brand Takeover ads make a solid introduction to your brand with a full-screen display, driving brand awareness by delivering a strong visual impact.
Grab wide user attention immediately with imo the first screen.
Multiple creative specs support the high-quality display.
Top Banner
Top banner ads establish exclusive brand identity by sticking to home page first screen. “Always-on” mode brings enormous attention to your brand
Home page fixed placement ensures high attention
Powerfully and simply convey brand concept, quickly reach targeting users
Chatlist & Audio Call
Combining both of chatlist and audio call ads to shorten marketing route, reach more users effectively
Accessible traffic is further more on account of two resources tightly bound
Various creative formats supported, flexibly and conveniently deliver brand information
End Call
Get an inserted brand presentation on end call ads, attract targeting userdus by influencing their daily usage action.
Full-screen ad display, demonstrates brand content more obviously
More engaging ad experience than usual
Story Stream
Story stream ads appear when users browsing stories on imo, brand information will be shown right among them
Naturally integrated with users’ stories, avoiding to bother users browsing experience
Multiple ads formats supported, let brand creativity to trigger users’ interests
Story Feed
Story feed ads catch the right chance to appear when users exit stories, it interstitial pops up seamlessly without interruption
With visually engaging-full screen features, it shows up impressively
Capture the users’ last attention, leave the important brand memory

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