Likee was first released in July 2017 and is now one of the world's most popular applications.
MAU 100 million+


Top 10 Breakout

Apps in 2019


The Most Downloaded

Social Media App

Worldwide in Jan 2020

Likee Product Features
Tech-enabled special effects
Thousands of stickers and magical emoticons let you shoot blockbuster videos on your mobile phone.
Multiple and diversified culture
Combine the cultural features of each area to set a variety of local content activities.
Leading live interactive experience
With BIGO's strengths in live-broadcasting operations, users can chat with the live broadcasters in real-time.
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Our Business Value
Great user value
Likee has user characteristics of high activity, high participation, and high dissemination, which has broader its business value.
Everyone is a creator
Likee has incubated a diversified content ecology, spawning a wave of creative creation for all.
Highly loyal and interactive community
On Likee, KOLs maintain a positively stick relationship with fans, which shows a powerful business impact.
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Raise your business on Likee
  • SuperView
  • Brand Takeover
  • In-Feed Ad
  • Hashtag Challenge
  • Branded Effect
SuperView Ads presents your brand story with intense visual immersion, boosting exposure, and recognition.
Tell your brand story with Likee's premium resource, impressing the audience with narratives.
10 to 60 seconds of full-screen and vertical video, auto-play with sound.
Highly recommended creating buzz around brand important occasions, such as brand big day, cultural festival, new product launch, E-Commerce discounted promotion, etc.
Brand Takeover
Brand takeover Ads is placed in the first screen when you open Likee app, it delivers your brand story to wide audiences in an impressive way as well as increases brand awareness in exclusive exposure.
Boldly show your brand image on Likee’s first screen, preemptively draw targeting the audience's attention.
3 seconds long JPG or up to 6 seconds long video (skip-able) are both supported
Full-screen display, simply and impressively touch users’ heart
In-feed video
In-feed video ad is a full-screen and story-telling video embedded in “Popular” & “nearby” feeds, show your brand story in a native and fluent way
Multiple buttons or slide left will direct users to the landing page
5 to 30-second (15s or more is recommended), full-screen video format, auto play, sound on
Flexibly highlight and dynamically convey brand features, meet all kinds of marketing needs
Hashtag Challenge
Likee hashtag challenge is an interactive branded campaign to generate large exposure and attraction for brands by attracting users to create content with a particular theme
DEEP INTERACTION: Deep connection with large users through creative interaction
PREMIUM RESOURCES: Official gold resources help the brand to be famous and go viral
UGC INSPIRATION: Multi methods motivate users to create massive brand content
Branded Effect
Likee branded effect fuel up user creativity with cutting-edge special effects video shooting and editing tools
Abundant and funny branded effects we can support, stickers, multi results, make up etc
With these brilliant effects, everyone can create high-quality brand videos

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